Wednesday, February 27, 2013


Found this little thing in time-out the other day.
Apparently she had been hitting.
When she got out, she hit again and had to go right back to time out. Naughty little baby!
Funny thing is, I can think of a few reasons this girl with her furrowed brow might get a time-out herself.

Like, using all the band aids in the house.
When she knows the rule is no blood, no band aid.
Or how about cutting major holes in the front of your dress with mom's scissors?
Even if it is fun to stick your limbs through the new holes.

Being rough with little sister could definitely make the list.

And then there's her current favorite hobby: stealing plastic baggies from the kitchen drawer and filling them with random things around the house. Ah, there's the snot sucker I needed at 5:30 a.m. this morning. And is that my ipod at the bottom that I use when I run? Thanks, Faye.
She's obsessive about wanting to call or see her daddy all day, but then she usually ends up getting mad and throwing a tantrum for him when he actually shows up.
I guess I'll forgive her, since she makes me laugh whenever she's not doing all the naughty things listed above. (And since she's a potty pro.) Seriously though, if Faye doesn't do anything else good in her life, she sure made a lot of people smile and laugh when she was a hilarious two-year-old. (And for the record, she really doesn't spend a lot of time in time-out!)

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