Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Grandmama's visit

Grandmama finally got to come for a visit after having to cancel when Isla was born.

She brought some belated Christmas gifts from the east coast, like this fun rocket launcher.

Sadly, she must have picked up some of our lovely sick germs that a couple of us had the week before, and she spent about half of her visit on the couch. We did make it to Minitown, where the kids rode this little train.

And to Costco. Why do we always go to Costco together when family visits? Faye is doing her thing where she fakes like she's sleeping here.

And we went to the zoo! First time at the San Antonio zoo, and we loved it. We got a pass for a year, so we'll be there often. (At least until it gets too hot!)

 The weather is beautiful here right now! Who wants to come visit next???

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