Tuesday, August 23, 2011

At the playground.

My kids were being so cute at the playground yesterday. I don't know what it was, but I was so mad the whole time that I didn't have my camera! I did take some pictures of them with my little old phone, and they actually turned out ok. 

They are all getting bigger and braver. Like, what is Faye doing standing up? Usually I am excited for my kids to grow and learn new things, but lately I'm sad thinking that someday I won't have babies and little people running around. I mean, even when they're acting like brats they are still just so cute. I have the feeling that when I have 13-year-olds acting like brats it won't be so cute. Just now I sat here snuggling Faye for a while and just wished I could snuggle her like this every day.

Spitting to make their sister laugh.
It gets her every time.
Faye even clapped a couple of times yesterday when we clapped at her.
Having the playground to ourselves is the best. That's when Carson isn't so inhibited and will try things like climbing.
I sit her down a million times every day and tell her she's not big enough to stand up yet. :)

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