Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Sunday after church.

Lunch on the deck.
When I got him after his Primary class at church, his tie was like this. He can't stand to have it up around his neck!
Here's the child who never eats any lunch. He's pretending to buzz his hair instead.
These two have been playing together soooo much better. They used to fight all the time or just do their own thing, but for the past two or three days I have been amazed at them doing puzzles and things TOGETHER. I hope it keeps up!
Working on that bush again. With something he apparently stole from the grill?
Practicing a Montessori lesson. Just kidding; I only wish I was that organized to be doing things like that. We just happened to have a pitcher and cups outside. 
Faye is full-on crawling now. I thought I only made calm babies who didn't crawl until 8 or 9 months and didn't walk until after a year. This girl is different! And crazy!
Speaking of crazy, you should see her in the bath. She bounces, splashes, stands up, dives in, crawls around, etc. It's quite an experience, and I have to be right there wrestling with her the whole time. 
Big brother can handle her for a minute at least!
Sometimes I give the boys shaving cream to play with in the bath. They usually paint the tub and the wall, but I suggested they try painting themselves this time.

It was a nice Sunday!

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