Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Food and Softball.

When Rick whips out his lunch bag at school, everyone is quite interested to see what he has (I have) packed in there. Today, for example, he has taco salad with black bean quinoa. There are little tupperware containers with salsa, sour cream, chips, etc. It's nothing fancy, but certainly not the norm for a male med student. I like knowing that he will have a fun lunch to eat in the middle of the day.

Rick barely had time to run home from the hospital and change clothes before we went to his softball game last weekend. So I made him a huge double decker taco to eat on the way. (So we have Mexican food a lot.) I like this picture of him eating it.


One of Carson's favorite things in the world is going to Daddy's softball games. Playing with Olive also ranks up there, so you can imagine his happiness here.

And then there was the next day of the softball tournament, where he learned to play in the mud! Great!

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