Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Little things that made me smile today (so far):

Right now Everett and Faye are napping and Carson is having his quiet time in my room. (No problem staying in there for two hours today; he's got a fresh supply of library books and CDs.) I heard the screeching tires and had to smile because I knew what was coming. Sounds of a boy running madly down the hallway to the front window. It was the big moment on trash day!! A minute later, soft tiptoes back to the bedroom. I'm sure there was a big smile on his face too.

We stopped by Re-Tale today. (I think my favorite store in Winston-Salem.) As I buckled those three into the back of the car Everett started his usual tirade of, "hi POOP! Heyyy POOP!" etc. He just can't stop saying poop these days. After trying to discipline him for it I've started ignoring it. This time I gently pushed his lower lip onto his teeth, maybe hurting him just a bit. (I know, I'm a mean mom, and isn't that what you do to dogs?) I told him when he says poop like that I'll have to "fix" his mouth. As I got into the front seat, just out of his reach, I hear this teeny tiny whisper from the back.  "Poooooooooop." Oh Everett.

And Faye-girl grabbed her own paci after waking up at 6 and stuck it back in her mouth, leaving me alone til after 7. Good girl!

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