Sunday, August 21, 2011

Day 8: my closet.

 I am not posting a before picture. It was embarrassing. Let's be honest: I often throw my clothes in here and shut the doors real quick. This took a lot longer than expected. Lots of hidden T-shirts, headbands, Q-tips, etc.

And now I need a little help. I want to hang up my headbands, necklaces, belts, etc. on the inside of that door on the right where the hat is already hanging. This is a flimsy Ikea wardrobe, and the door is really thin. I tried hammering a tiny nail or pushpin into the door, but it went all the way through. How else could I hang some things there?


Joleen said...

3M makes hooks that are sticky on one side and fairly strong. You could try those :)

mackenzie said...

i was going to say 3m hooks, too! there are many many different sizes and types and they stick to anything.

shelly said...

i came here to recommend 3M as well! :) they are great and don't leave any marks or damage when you remove them!

Samantha Keyes said...

I was thinking something like a paper towel holder or toilet paper holder. But that has a free end and an attached end so you could slide things on and off easily. I guess you'd still have the screw heads showing on the outside though. As for belts, I just use the hook on the hanger and put belts over that and hang it back up.

I also thought of 3m hooks. They work great.