Sunday, August 21, 2011

Eating an octopus.

We often make pancakes in the mornings. We got a little crazy yesterday with the shapes. My Big Bird  pancake didn't look so good, but the octopus turned out all right.

Everett is obviously excited. This kid wants to be up cooking with me ALL the time. Doesn't matter if I'm making bread or pouring cereal, he's trying to drag out the ladder to be up there in on the action.

We made homemade oreos tonight. Everett was very good (and sneaky) about taking tiny "snitches" to eat. Every time I would catch him snitching, he would give me the cutest little smile, and we kept it our little secret. This boy can be the biggest stinker but the cutest little thing too! I love having him up on that ladder helping me cook.

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Sarah said...

Last week I decided to pull out cookie cutters to jazz up a pancake breakfast with Brie. I let her pick out 3 cutters... she had a grand time cutting out the shapes/letters and eating them... and I ate the scraps. It was fun :0)