Saturday, August 20, 2011

Day 6.

Here's my little accomplishment for Day 6.
Who pulled all those napkins out of there??
Much better.
Also. I went totally crazy cleaning with vinegar today. There was a good hour plus while Faye took her evening nap and the boys played some crazy running around game. I made up my vinegar and water solution and went to town. I got most of the floors, baseboards, and anything else that looked exceptionally icky nice and shiny. Cleaning with vinegar is great. It's cheap, smells kind of fun, and obviously has no chemicals. So Faye can suck on any toys I cleaned with it and it'll be all right. Heck, the kids could drink it if they really wanted to. Thanks Jamie for getting me on the vinegar kick!
The clean floor. Also, on the table, a clue for tomorrow's project...

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Robyn said...

If cake plates are on your list for tomorrow that is something that is on my to do list! I just need to finish the BIG project I'm knee deep in before I start a fun one like cake plates. :)