Wednesday, August 3, 2011

We love Winston.

Although we had a great time in VA and at the beach, we are happy to be home. Running errands here is a delight. Strangers offer to help put groceries in my car, people entertain my children while waiting in lines, and the Southern accents are as lovely as ever. Here are a few things we've been up to.

Best yard sale purchase ever! Our backyard neighbor was selling this, a desk she's had since she was a little girl. I got a little emotional when I put it in her room; sometimes I still can't believe I have a girl. (And isn't she cute??)

It has been almost too hot for walks and playing outside, but we do it anyway. Here we're at the rooftop playground at "Daddy's hospital." They are doing some construction, obviously, and my boys were thrilled about the tower cranes at eye level.
While we enjoyed the cranes, Faye was over there trying to CRAWL as usual. She can scoot all over the floor and threatens us by getting on her hands and knees. The boys did not do this until they were about 8 months old, and this girl just turned 6 months. What is she doing?!
These are not heart-shaped cookies. They are kidneys. I stayed up all night making them, and Rick served them at his urology interest group booth at an orientation fair for new students. It was a toss up between making cookies to look like a bladder or a kidney. So yes, Rick is applying for residencies in urology right now!
I made some fun prints.
Like this one.
We got all dressed up to go to the fancy med school party. It was really fun to go out and socialize without kids running around!

Not pictured: Lots of decision making and planning going on about the next few months as far as Rick checking out residency programs, etc. Lots of reading books going on from Carson. (The kid basically taught himself to read!) Carson attending Vacation Bible School. Everett getting SO mad that Faye can move around and grab whatever she wants. And lot of baking going on by me, since I snagged a KitchenAid from that same yard sale!

We love our little life here.


E J said...

LOVE the pic of Faye at the desk. I think you should take that same picture every year until she's married!

Meg said...

Winston *is* just so lovely. And so is your life. :)