Thursday, August 25, 2011

Day 12: the budget.

We've never been great at doing our budget. I pay the bills, watch our bank account balance and sort of monitor what goes in and out, but we don't sit down each month and plan out a strict budget. We usually use the excuse that we live pretty frugally, so doing a budget wouldn't really change how or what we spend. Well, the real reason is probably laziness! So, today I did a little work on that. I'm using, which is awesome! I spent a lot of time looking up accounts, figuring out forgotten usernames and passwords, etc. So, I'm not totally finished here and this might be my accomplishment another day as well.

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ashley said...

I am the same about budgets. I tell Tim I don't believe in them because I am already cautious with my money. He got us all set up on a few months ago, but I've yet to look at it. Oh well.