Thursday, August 18, 2011

Thriving: Day 5.

Today's accomplishment was going to involve spackle and paint, but due to a lack of supplies I will save that for another day.

Then it was going to be the birthday crown we made for our favorite little neighbor Gracie. But I decided we would have made that anyway, so it doesn't count for the challenge.

So I came up with something even better. I watched some YouTube videos on how to properly install car seats. Then I went out to the car with Faye's big girl car seat. I vacuumed a little and de-cluttered. (Not all the way though. You never know when Faye might really need one of those toys!) Then I played a little musical car seats until I fit all three back there, snug and safe as can be. When we get in the car tomorrow, Faye will be thrilled to not have to lay all the way down in the tiny infant seat. Carson will hopefully be able to buckle himself now, since before he had to reach all the way under Faye's seat to get it. And Everett better be willing to be the middle man and take care of everyone!

Ahhh, nothing like a clean car. Even if I looked like a maniac out there at 9:30 pm with my Dustbuster!



Marge said...

What kind of car are you driving?

Garett and Rachel said...

Wow, I can't believe you fit all those carseats in there. I can't believe Carson is in such a big boy car seat. I don't even have Preston in that kind yet.

ashley said...

You are getting more done every day than I am -- and I have no kids. Very impressive.

hughesfamily said...

I just found your blog from Jamie's, and I feel like a stalker! I went back and read probably half of for posts. What a precious, fun family!!! You are making me want boys! SO cute. (Faye, too, of course!)!

Page said...

Marge, a lovely 1999 Ford Taurus. Rick drove it in high school!