Wednesday, August 17, 2011

On thriving.

So during the time that Rick is away (5 out of the next 6 weeks), I thought about setting a few goals for myself. One was to NOT fall into the trap of staying up super late to avoid the lonely bed as long as possible. I am (obviously) failing miserably in that department. Another goal was to write in my journal daily. Doing that, so far. And then I have a few projects or little to-do list items that I've been putting off. To get those done, and to feel like I'm not just surviving here, but really thriving, I've decided to make myself post daily one thing in particular I accomplish each day. My rule is that it has to be something I would not have done under normal circumstances. It will be something I did to prove that I am thriving without a husband!

I have been doing this each day, so now I've got to catch up with posting about it. Here it goes:

Day 1. Cleaned out the nastiness in the bottom of the trash cans. (I know, I know, all of you do this regularly and I am the only one who allows such grossness to exist in my kitchen.)

After. Lovely self portrait, I know. See the red eyes? Already the effects of failing on goal #1!

Day 2. Made a little banner. It's actually not for Faye's room; it's to be used in our family pictures that we'll take soon. But it does fit her room so I'll leave it up for a while.

Day 3. Trimmed the out-of-control bush in the front yard.
Thanks to Carson for the awesome photo shoot.
And to Everett for watering the lawn.

Day 4. Took down, treated the stains on, and washed the shower curtain.

We'll see what excitement we can come up with for Day 5 tomorrow!


mackenzie said...

i HATE cleaning out the trash can. i would wait until mom would come to visit and then she would do it for me on her own accord.

Erika said...

I love it Paige! You go girl. So many times we women feel sorry for ourselves when we're left home for days on end without a husband and think we can't function (me included), but I love this! You have inspired me and given me a new perspective. No more surviving...I want to thrive too.

Robyn said...

What a great idea!!!!

Melissa S. said...

Yep, I soooo need to clean out our trash can...don't think I would DARE take a picture of mine. ;) I think it's a GREAT idea. It makes you feel really strong and independent. With them gone you're not so focused on making their life easier so it does actually free up time to get a few other things done. Plus when you have to report it back it makes you really excited to just get those things done that you wouldn't normally do! You're the best. (but should've come tonight to Enrichment. Missed you!)