Monday, August 29, 2011

Day 16: painting!

Finally! I have been meaning to do this for months. A while ago I got reallllly tired of my "gallery wall" that I had put up when we first moved here. So I took it all down. And then I was left with a wall full of big chunks of paint and wall that had come off with those lovely 3M picture hanger things. It really wasn't hard to fix; I just had to motivate myself to go get the paint color matched, caulk the holes, etc. So today I took most everything down off the walls in my living room and caulked and painted away.

I will admit, after looking at my bare walls I have spent hours today dreaming up new ways to decorate. I have to keep repeating to myself, "you are moving in less than a year. You are moving in less than a year." My taste in design has changed a lot since first putting this house together, and how I would love to start over! But I will try to enjoy the simpleness of blank walls for now.

Lovely self timer shot before I attacked the wall. I've got to move fast when I get a few minutes without kids!


mackenzie said...

you are cute.

Joleen said...

Yeah...those hooks aren't great on walls, but on smooth doors they're great! Hope they work out okay for your closet.