Saturday, August 27, 2011

Day 14: headbands.

Lots of babysitting today, which was a great way to make a Saturday nice and busy. My Carson took a late nap and then stayed up late with me tonight. It was kind of nice having him by me doing his workbooks while I tidied up and cleaned.

My "extra" today is making headbands. I wanted to make some comfortable stretchy ones. I didn't have any great material for those, but then I hit the jackpot: my huge pile of clothes to donate to Goodwill! I started cutting up some shirts and tried to make up my own headbands out of what I had.
Now I remember that the bottom headband is made out of the shirt I wore on the day that baby Carson was blessed.
And here is a headband FAIL! I don't know why I thought this would be cute. I obviously took it apart and made it into the one you see at the top. We let Faye wear it around for a while so we could get some good laughs though. (Also notice me in the mirror getting Faye to smile.)

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Jessica said...

I noticed that Faye was wearing one today at church. It was really cute!